Cleansing instrument program development and design

2020-07-06 19:08:08 fandoukeji

1. What is a facial cleanser?

The facial cleanser product is a small personal life appliance, a human science and technology invention product that liberates manpower and enhances practical functionality. The facial cleansing instrument is the latest facial cleansing method emerging in recent years. The cleansing facial cleaning instrument is placed on the wireless charger, and the brush head can be dried by the built-in drying system, so that the consumer will still use the clean brush head next time. Coupled with a non-porous design, it is easy to clean and prevents the growth of pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, and mites. Reasonable use of facial cleansers can help to improve skin pores and blackheads.

With the improvement of social material living standards, the pace of life has accelerated. People's daily expenditure on beauty and dressing continues to increase. The yearning and demand for beauty and beautiful things have also been raised to a new height. Since the reform and opening up, Western habits and culture have gradually affected people's daily lives, and urban construction, living habits, and hobbies have become widely unified. The beauty industry that is currently very popular abroad is the same in China. The concept of beauty instruments as daily necessities is gradually accepted by everyone, and the market demand continues to increase. The best selling counters for facial cleansers, hot air for overseas purchases, and popularization of products from big-name beauty manufacturers have exploded the demand for facial cleansers and other beauty products.

Second, the program principle of the facial cleanser

Portable facial cleansers are generally driven by a built-in battery, which implements sonic and micro-bubble technology for automatic facial cleansing. The compact design is convenient for storage, short-distance travel, and business travel. The shape design meets the aesthetic needs of the users, and the materials are light and durable. The facial cleansing instrument has developed the convenient application of sonic technology in the field of personal and family skin care.


3. The brand status of the facial cleanser

At present, the facial cleansing products and consumer markets in foreign markets have been very mature. The products have been in existence for more than 15 years. The foreign people have accepted this kind of products, like electric shavers and electric toothbrushes. Change. Internationally renowned beauty and makeup brands and foreign beauty salon lines have launched related products to share market cakes, expand product lines and increase revenue.

Internationally well-known brand manufacturers include Philips in the Netherlands and Collier in the United States. In 2011, the Olay brand of Procter & Gamble completed the first prototype of the domestic facial cleansing instrument, and improved it into the Chinese market. It entered the marketing point where machine washing is cleaner than hand washing, and passed the results of the TV program and the'Tomato Skin Cleansing' test. Eliminate consumer safety concerns, and quickly opened the domestic market and achieved good sales performance. Internationally renowned manufacturers have followed suit to launch their own facial cleanser products. At the same time, the domestic beauty market has become extremely popular in recent years, which has also directly accelerated the expansion of the market demand for facial cleansers.

Against the background of increasing white-collar beauty awareness, the rapid rise of the beauty industry is staggering, and various beauty salons and SPAs across the country have sprung up in succession. But in contrast, this type of beauty derivative products such as face washer is still not saturated, and is becoming a new sunrise industry. The share of my country's face washer and face beautifying machine industry is rapidly expanding, and its growth rate has nearly doubled in the past year. Domestic manufacturers' brands are also optimistic about this market, and have come to share a slice of soup.

At present, the prices of products developed by domestic manufacturers are generally lower than those of international brands. The main reason is to quickly occupy the market through low prices. Some manufacturers also superimpose and create new functions, hoping to increase sales unit prices and brand recognition, and increase sales profits. In addition, in recent years, the e-commerce overseas shopping boom has formed, and convenience has been greatly enhanced. Overseas purchasing international brand products have become a new shopping trend. Overseas purchasing the above-mentioned international brand cleansing instrument products are at least 30% cheaper than domestic direct purchases, which has compressed international brands. The distance between the commercial cleansing instrument and the price of domestic manufacturers.


Fourth, the design idea of cleansing instrument

At present, the design starting point of facial cleansing products in the domestic market is mostly designed for women. Domestic manufacturers can conduct research and analysis from the perspective of industrial cleansing products on the market, focusing on the creative design, function, details, materials and other aspects of the product.

Pay more attention to the design creativity of the segmented products of the beauty cleansing instrument with the men's crowd. According to male skin and aesthetic characteristics, research on modeling, color matching, materials, etc., to truly achieve precise positioning of specific groups of people. At the same time, it focuses on the product definition, working principle and convenience of analyzing products for men's facial cleanser.

In short, the domestic cleansing instrument market has formed a trend of blooming flowers, but domestic manufacturers and international manufacturers lack brand trust and premium capabilities, and need to work hard in product design and marketing, and strive to find differences in crowd demand Only by improving the market and strengthening the design can we occupy a place.