Razor plan development and design

2020-07-06 19:13:06 fandoukeji

1. Common classification of electric shavers

1. Distinguish the razor according to the cutter head

(1) Rotary type: The rotary razor is not easy to hurt the skin and is not easy to cause bleeding. Friends with sensitive skin can focus on it. In addition, it operates with low noise. However, most of the rotary razors on the market have a power of 1.2 watts, and they are a bit powerless for men with thick and dense beards.

(2) Reciprocating type: The principle of this razor is relatively simple. It is like a knife used by a barber when shaving, so it is very sharp and suitable for thicker and shorter beards. But because the blade often moves back and forth, it often wears out faster. The advantages are higher shaving clarity and larger shaving area. The motor rotates at a high speed and can provide powerful power. The fast-rotating motor drives the left and right swinging blades to easily and quickly clean the beard, and the left and right swinging heads will never appear to be dragged by the rotary razor. The phenomenon.

2. Distinguish razors according to their shapes

(1) Straight-tube razor: It is cylindrical in shape, with two blades at the top and two at the top, with a permanent magnet DC motor in the middle and a battery box at the bottom. The straight-type razor is equipped with three blades on the razor holder, and the outside of the blade holder is a mesh cover hole cutter.

(2) Elbow-type razor: The structure is basically the same as the straight-barrel type. The only difference is that the rotating blade and the motor form a certain angle with the lower battery box. It can be adjusted to 90° angle type and movable unfixed angle. This razor is more beautiful in appearance, feels better when shaving, and is convenient to use. Its shape usually has two types: round and nearly rectangular.

(3) Horizontal shaver: The horizontal shaver combines a rotary type and a reciprocating type, with the blade head mounted on the side of the blade body. It has a two-part razor. You can use the rotary type for shaving short beards and the reciprocating type for rolling long beards. In addition, friends who like to keep sideburns and hair angles can consider this section, it is to imitate the working principle of artificial faders, the performance in these two aspects is very good.

(4) Double-headed razor: more common. This razor has a larger cutting area than the above three types, and is suitable for those with more beards.


Second, the radiation of the electric shaver is relatively large

As a common small household electrical appliance, electric shavers have a wide range of applications in people's daily lives. It is not known that the electromagnetic radiation generated by ordinary household electric shavers at work is much greater than the amount of radiation generated by televisions and computer monitors when working . The Shanghai Environmental Radiation Research and Monitoring Center showed in a monitoring data that when the razor switch is turned on, the radiation value instantly exceeds that of TVs, mobile phones and other appliances, and the ordinary electric shaver must be used close to the face, so it is The harm is self-evident. Today's electric shavers are mostly driven by low-cost brushed motors. Because of the commutation of the brushes, electric sparks and broadband radiation are generated when the motor is working. This is the hidden danger that is hidden around us.

There is a low-radiation electric shaver with electromagnetic radiation monitoring function, which mainly replaces a new type of brushless motor for the shaver. At the same time, an advanced intelligent module is installed for the shaver to monitor the electromagnetic radiation at any time and adjust the motor power. Control the size of radiation to minimize the health hazards caused by electromagnetic radiation.

Traditional electric shavers are mostly driven by low-cost brushed motors. When the motor is working, sparks are generated at the contact between the rotor and the carbon brush, and a large amount of broadband electronic radiation is generated here.


3. Design scheme of low-e shaver

1. Overall structure

The shaver is composed of a casing, a blade, a low-voltage servo motor, a motor cable, a control board, a battery, a cable, a charging interface, a switch cable, and a power switch. The control board is composed of an electromagnetic radiation measurement module, a blade speed regulation module and a power switch.

A low-voltage servo motor is installed near the blade. The low-voltage servo motor is connected to the control board through the motor cable. The control board can be connected to an external power supply through the battery cable. The control board is equipped with an electromagnetic radiation measurement module, a blade speed control module, and a power switch; The switch is connected in series between the battery and the electromagnetic radiation measurement module.

2. Method of reducing radiation

The low-voltage servo motor used in this shaver does not contain carbon brushes and is a servo motor that can work under low voltage, which can eliminate most of the electromagnetic radiation. When the power switch on the control panel is turned on, the blade speed control module reads the current speed setting value (including high, medium, and low), and accelerates to the specified speed through the low-voltage servo motor. At this time, the electromagnetic radiation measurement module obtains the current electric shaving The electromagnetic radiation amount of the blade is required. If the electromagnetic radiation amount at this time reaches the harmful value to the human body, the indicator light on the electromagnetic radiation measurement module will flash and the blade speed control module will automatically adjust the low-voltage servo motor through its internal electronic current commutator The power, thereby rapidly reducing electromagnetic radiation.

3. The principle of electromagnetic radiation monitoring module

Electromagnetic radiation, also known as electronic smoke, is composed of electrical energy and magnetic energy transferred together in space, and this energy is generated by the movement of electric charges. The essence of electromagnetic radiation is still an electromagnetic wave. The built-in antenna in the electromagnetic radiation monitoring module can Receive a small amount of electromagnetic waves generated during the operation of the internal device of the shaver, and convert them into electric current. The strength of the current is proportional to the strength of the electromagnetic waves. When the current is too large, the indicator light in the electromagnetic radiation monitoring module will start flashing to remind the user that the electromagnetic radiation is large at this time.

4. Principle of shaving blade speed adjustment module

The blade speed adjustment module contains a relay. When the electromagnetic radiation is too large, the electromagnetic radiation monitoring module will correspondingly generate a larger current. When the current size reaches the set value, the relay in the blade speed adjustment module can change the access circuit. The size of the resistor thus automatically adjusts the size of the current to reduce the power of the shaver and reduce electromagnetic radiation.