Temperature scale scheme

Temperature scale scheme1、 Technical specifications1. Large screen LCD display, as shown below:2. Rated range: 181kg;3. Division value: 1D = 10g;4. Internal temperature measurement error: ± 2 ℃;5. Min

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Temperature scale scheme

1、 Technical specifications

1. Large screen LCD display, as shown below:

2. Rated range: 181kg;

3. Division value: 1D = 10g;

4. Internal temperature measurement error: ± 2 ℃;

5. Minimum scale: 20g, small weight below 5kg is not locked, used as kitchen scale;

6. Unit: kg (default), weight;

7. Low voltage detection: when the voltage is 2.4V ± 0.1V, turn off the machine after "Lo" is displayed;

8. Overload prompt: "ol" is displayed when weighing exceeds 181.00kg of rated range;

9. Working current: weighing mode ≤ 10mA;

10. Static current: < 5ua;

11. Power supply voltage: 3V, 2 AAA alkaline batteries;

12. Accuracy: 50kg ± 4D 100kg ± 5D 150kg ± 6D;

13. Bias load: 40kg weight is placed in the front and back 1 / 4 of the scale plate to measure the bias load, with the maximum bias load of ± 5D;

14. Optimum working temperature: 10-40 ℃;

15. Storage temperature: - 10-50 ℃; humidity requirement: ≤ 90% RH;

16. Power on mode: more than 2.7kg

2、 Functions:

1. Weighing: in the off state, the upper scale is turned on to display the current room temperature and battery power. After the weight is locked, it flashes twice.

When the weight is less than 5kg, it is not locked. It can be used as a kitchen scale.

2. When the weight is within the range of - 5kg-0.5kg, and after it is stable, step on the scale platform to release the weight more than 10kg, then the scale can automatically track zero, display 0.00kg, and continue to weigh.

3. Power on the machine for the first time. In order to prevent zero chasing in the air, the weight of the weighing platform included in the first weighing will be displayed with "C" to eliminate the weight of the weighing platform

4. When the weight is negative and more than 0.5kg, display "-- -", it will automatically chase zero before shutdown, and it can be weighed normally after restart

5. Low voltage alarm: when the power supply voltage is lower than 2.4V ± 0.1V, the "Lo" will be displayed when the power is turned on, and it will automatically shut down after about 3 seconds;

6. Overload display: when the weight is greater than 181.00kg, "ol" is displayed, and the weight is reduced to less than 181kg to return to normal weighing;

7. Lock and unlock:

a. When weighing, the weight will flash twice and then lock, at this time, the display data is the effective reading;

b. After the weight is locked, more than 5kg weight can be unlocked for repeated weighing;

8. Automatic shutdown: A. shutdown for about 10 seconds after weighing is stable;

b. Automatic shutdown without any operation for about 10 seconds;

c. Unstable shutdown time about 20 seconds

9. Precautions:

In use, please keep the scale on a horizontal and hard place, do not make the scale work in a suddenly changing temperature environment, and the maximum weight of weighing shall not exceed 150% of the rated range, so as to avoid damaging the force measuring parts;

3、 Calibration function:

① First calibration of weight: power on and start up the machine. For the scale that has not been calibrated, after the weight is reset to zero, put more than 100kg of weight, LCD will display the current internal weight value, lift the weight, display 50.00kg after obtaining the calibration zero point stably, put 50kg of weight, display 100.00kg after stabilizing, put 100kg of weight, display 150.00kg after stabilizing, put 150kg of weight, write the calibration data after stabilizing, and then display "pass", Weight calibration successful.

② Secondary calibration of weight: after the calibrated scale is turned on and reset to zero, put 100kg weight. After locking, continue to put 50kg to lock, enter the internal weight, lift the weight, and display 50.00kg after obtaining the calibration zero stably. The remaining steps are the same as ①

② Temperature calibration: in the startup state, press "three short and one long" to enter the temperature calibration. Press the unit key to adjust the current room temperature. If there is no operation for 2 seconds, the current room temperature is selected. After stabilization, the temperature calibration data will be stored, and then "pass" will be displayed. The temperature calibration is successful, and it will return to the weighing state.